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Outliers – I would re-read!

IMG_0733There are several books that I relished reading. Some books that I would re-visit and re-read. One such book is “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell. This author is renowned for authoring some profound novels like Blink, Tipping Point, David and Goliath, etc. His books strive for introspection, deeper knowledge, understanding and analysis of various eminent scenarios and is packed with sheer brilliance.

In his book “Outliers”, Malcolm relates statistical evidences and studies to prove that some people are successful not only because of their personal traits, intelligence or ambition, but, also, because they had an opportunity to be exposed to special privileges and opportunities to which others weren’t fortunate enough to experience.

He provides various scenarios and examples of:

1) How investing 10,000 hours of practice into any hobby or interest will make you an ace at it.

2) How Bill Gates and Bill Joy had exposure to the first personal computers at their school/college, which provided them the leverage to be pro at computing.

3) How age cut off limit provides demarcation to paramount star hockey, basketball players born before fall.

4) Why Asians are math wizards!

And many more.

Hard work, intelligence, determination, aspiration and perseverance are pivotal for success, but “opportunity” is the key ingredient which furnishes the cutting edge, that separates an accomplished from an amateur.

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