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Star, Rain & Pearl

Image Courtesy: http://www.arabnews.com

Once, Shakespeare said “What’s in the name”? and we all nodded in agreement. But, when it comes to Indian names, his quote doesn’t hold good. Indian parents invest immense time and effort in choosing the ‘best name’ that conveys the ‘best meaning’ of their child. Unlike western names, Indian names hold a lot of significance to the meanings- some are derived from ancient scripts like Sanskrit upholding great values and significance. Indian names usually mean lot of things like celestial objects like sun, moon, star, earth; nature like rose, jasmine, flower, petal, et al; praising one’s beauty like beautiful eyes, lips, smile, etc; ornaments like bindi, bracelet, earrings, etc; musical instruments; intelligence, smartness, bravery, invincible etc.

My name is Swathi. According to Hindu astrology, it is the 15th star among the twenty-eight celestial markers in the heaven. Swathi is also the third brightest star in the night sky, called Arcturus in the western world. This star signifies intelligence, brightness and power. Every month, each day is represented by a star in Hindu calendar. The twenty eight stars are named in chronological order and repeat after every cycle. More details about Hindu Celestial system can be found here.

Swathi is also associated with the name of the rain water that pours down when the Swathi star rises. This is believed to possess great knowledge and wisdom. A pearl is formed in effect to this rain water and is also named after Swathi. This pearl signifies purity, beauty, sparkle and lustre.

So, basically, Swathi signifies a star, rain and a pearl. Since my name has profound meanings, I absolutely love it and wouldn’t change it for anything!

This is entry for Daily Post’s prompt “Say Your Name


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