2016 · CHALLENGES · Fiction · Flash Fiction · Short Stories · Yeah Write

Yeah Write – The New Chapter

I may have to start making my bed” thought Shrika as she picked up the messed cutlery from the table. A half emptied box of palak paneer lie on the table amidst a to-go box of fried rice,  samosas, alongside a spoon, plate, couple of napkins, and store bought bottled water. It was her first night at the dorm. She had never lived alone in her life. But, this time, it was a tough decision that she had made. Hailing from central southern part of USA, that was deprived of ivy league schools, she had opted MBA at Duke Fuqua, having aced her GMAT with a score of 750/800. Her analytical, math and verbal skills were excellent. She was an all rounder – good at academics, music, sports, debates, public speaking, philanthropy, and had won many laurels, that beautified the mantle over the fireplace of the den of her parents’ home. She was also an amicable person, loyal friend, loving child and an affectionate sister. Everybody loved her to the core. It was really disheartening for her to bid goodbye to her parents, sister, childhood friends, neighbors, classmates and her dog in home town. But, she had made her decision. She had to pursue her education, so she had to sacrifice everything that she loved and had to move to North Carolina to make her dream come true.

As she loaded the dishwasher, she made a mental note to set her alarm clock to 5 am for the next morning. She had to undertake a couple of prerequisite courses prior to commencement of her MBA courses and had to study for them. A bright blue colored luggage bag lay in the corner of her bedroom, at the foot of her bed. It contained the essentials like clothes, shoes, cutlery, books, iPad and a laptop. She drew the luggage bag and opened it. Grabbing some hangers from the bedroom closet, she started to hang her clothes onto them. She then picked up her books and neatly stacked them on her study table. Slipping into her pajamas, she entered the bathroom to brush her teeth, and exfoliate her face with a face scrub. Exhausted, she slid under the covers and picked up her phone to call her mom, who received the call after several rings.

Hey Mom!

Hi sweety, How are you?

I am doing good Mom. How are you? I miss you badly.

I miss you too sweety. But, what to do? It was your choice to study at Duke. You should study hard, fulfill your dreams and make us all proud.

Sure Mom. I will try my best.

What did you have for dinner?

I went to nearby Indian restaurant and grabbed some palak paneer, samosa and fried rice to-go. They tasted okay, but not as excellent as your cooking. I will miss your cooking, Mom.

I will miss preparing your favorite food and serving them hot too. Let me see if I can prepare your favorite sweets and FedEx them to you.

I will absolutely love that, mom. I need to wake up early tomorrow. Talk to you later. Love you.

Love you too.

As Shrika’s mom placed her phone back on the dressing table, her client inquired “Was it your daughter”?. She smiled and nodded in agreement, then replied “Mrs Mehra, do you like the new shape of your eyebrows? Shall I wax your hands now? You are my last client and I need to close the beauty parlor after your appointment”.

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