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Yeah Write – My swimming odyssey


“I need to be in the water”. “If I want to swim, I need to be in the water”, I murmur as I stare at the overlooking trapezium-shaped pool spanning across my backyard. Finally, we are proud owners of the gorgeous property that housed the backyard pool. This stunning pool was one of the major deciding factors to invest in this property. Having closed the deal, we moved in during harsh winter, that was an inappropriate time to utilize the pool. We patiently waited until Spring for the temperature to warm up, so that we could start using the pool. Finally, it was Spring. The weather was gorgeous with the bright sun shining over horizon, crystal clear pool water, warm temperature, blooming flowers, chirping birds and green-hued flora. Everything was perfect – except my inability to swim.

On one gorgeous afternoon, my pa-in-law and my husband discarded their clothes, donned their swimsuits and plunged into the blue-hued clear water and began swimming. With envious eyes, i watched them wade effortlessly in the water, swaying their hips sideways, taking appropriate breaths at regular intervals, and cupping their hands into the water alternatively,and pushing it backwards with every forward stroke. I was awed at their perfection and longed to master this art. As I stood there gazing at them, open-mouthed, my husband beckoned me to get into the pool, which I flatly refused. He insisted and I reluctantly entered the water which was four feet deep.

I had never swam in my entire life. In fact, I didn’t even know the art of floating. First, my husband demonstrated how to float by grabbing onto the side walls of the pool and lifting his legs off the pool floor, whilst keeping his body horizontal to the floor. It looked like an easy task to me, when he performed it, but when I tried, I failed repeatedly. My legs wouldn’t stay off the pool floor. Another problem was I couldn’t breathe when my head was in the water. He suggested me to use the snorkeling mask which would facilitate my breathing. Reluctantly, I wore it sans any confidence. I re-tried and surprisingly, I was able to breathe in the water.  Then, I slowly lifted my feet off the pool floor, whilst breathing via the snorkeling mask. I was able to keep my body afloat. This was my first victory. Snorkeling mask had done wonders. I was elated. I continued practicing to float for the next few days, with the aid of the snorkeling mask.

My next task was to grasp the technique of swaying my hands and  pushing the water backwards, while plunging forward. My husband hinted me to use the floating board. Embarking onto the floating board, I bent my head forward and cupped my hands alternatively in the water, to achieve this feat. Again, I practiced this technique for few days.

Now, it was time for me to renounce my snorkeling mask and floating board. My immense practice bore fruits and after several unsuccessful attempts, sans the accessories, I started swimming. The echoes of cheers from my husband and in-laws filled the air and my blood rushed through my veins with sheer joy of accomplishment. Finally, I had learnt to swim.



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