2016 · CHALLENGES · Fiction · Flash Fiction · Six Sentence Stories

Six Sentence Stories -A cherished gift

“This was your grandma’s bridal dress, that was passed onto me during my wedding to your dad”, said Mrs. Walter, admiringly looking at the gorgeous white laced dress, that she held out to her daughter.

“It’s beautiful” replied Tina, running her fingers through the delicate, smooth silk encompassing intricate designs.

“It’s yours now, but let me first repair the frayed edges with a new lace”.

“Don’t worry Mom; I love it the way it is”.

“It is the only cherished gift of grandma that I have now”, exclaimed Tina, as she kissed it and held it against her heart.

Mrs. Walter pulled Tina closer and kissed her forehead saying “Grandma will be smiling in heaven”.


This is my entry for Uncharted’s Six Sentence Story – FRAY


12 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories -A cherished gift

  1. A beautiful story of nostalgia and memory. How special when we touch something old that has the imprint of ones that came before us. I treasure my mom’s recipe book with its spills and splotches, I feel a deep connection to her whenever I cook or bake one of her recipes. You story captures that exact emotion.

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