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Yeah Write #254 – Fiction

I sit on the long, curvy couch because there are no office chairs. My phone beeps. I lug my Louis Vuitton bag, fumble for my iPhone, pull it out and read the new message from Prady that says “Good luck. I am sure that you will rock”. Smiling, I respond to it “Thanks sweetie. Bye”.

I glance at the clock on the wall across me. Its thirty minutes past ten. I look at the front desk and see the receptionist frantically typing on her keyboard, whilst fixing her eyes on the monitor. I scan the hallway and see people walking around hurriedly, chattering and holding files in their hands. It looks like they are involved in some deep discussion over a high priority project. I strain my eyes amidst the crowd and gasp at the sight of Ms Tomika. She was the ex HR generalist at Dell – which is my current company. Recently, she had quit Dell and moved to Citibank – the company that I am currently interviewing for. Panicky, I bend my head, grab my file and pretend to read it, trying my best to avoid any possible eye contact with her. Actually, I had tried to look for better opportunities in my current company, Dell, but was unsuccessful, because my manager wasn’t willing to let me go. He had forbidden me to apply for other jobs, thus curbing all my attempts to get out of his team. I totally loathed him, his team, and his lousy management skills. I was desperately trying to break free. Today, I faked illness and was currently here for the interview. With the corner of my eye, I watch Ms Tomika pass in front of me. She didn’t notice me.
“Ms Bella, you are next”, the receptionist calls out. I smile and thank her. Grabbing my file, I stand up, check my appearance in the reflection of the hallway mirror, and confidently walk into the room. I offer the firm handshake to the interview panel and introduce myself. They go over their mandatory list of questions which I answer with sheer confidence, citing examples from my work experience. Studying their faces, I feel that they are impressed with my answers. But, time will only tell. After I answer their volley of questions for an hour, they inform me that the interview is done and the HR would reach out to me regarding the results. I thank them and leave the room, praying for good news.

Next day, my phone rings while I am in the meeting with my current manager at Dell. I excuse myself, citing important call and leave the meeting room. Reaching the cafeteria, I answer the call.

“Ms Bella, I am Nick, the HR of Citibank. How are you doing”?

My heart skips a beat. Crossing my fingers, I reply “Hi Nick. I am doing great. Thank you. How are you?”

“I am good too, Ms Bella. I have good news for you. The interview panel is impressed with your work experience and interview performance. We are offering you the job at Citibank”.

This is music to my ears. I whoop, whilst thanking him profusely and accepting the job offer immediately.

Finally, I am free from tyranny!



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