2016 · CHALLENGES · Daily Prompt · Short Stories · WRITING PROMPTS

The Sweet Secret

Courtesy: http://www.mamasick.com

She woke up to the startling alarm at 5:30 am, slid into her bathroom slippers and entered the bathroom to complete her morning chores. She then picked up the wailing baby, smiled sweetly at him, and receiving a reciprocated smile, placed him on the changing pad and changed his soiled diaper. Plugging him to her engorged breasts, she fed him milk to his heart content and put him back to sleep in his crib. Entering the kitchen, she prepared fresh and hot pancakes and tossed them onto her husband’s plate to appease his appetite. Donning her office suit, she lugged her handbag and the baby’s diaper bag, and carefully placed the baby in his car seat and drove him to his daycare.

She then drove to her office and sifting through her email inbox, completed the tasks that were piled up for the day; whilst occasionally checking on the baby via the webcam access provided by the daycare. It was already evening.

Picking up her baby from his daycare, she drove back home to continue evening rituals which included making dinner, giving baby a bath, feeding him and putting him to sleep- which she had mastered over the past few months (ever since she became a mother), and performed with great expertise every day.  Finally her chores for the day were done. Baby was sleeping adorably in the crib, urging her to kiss his sweet little face. Husband was watching his favorite game on television. She picked up the dirty dishes and tossed them into the dish washer.

Entering the bathroom, she removed her ‘Super Mom’ cape. It was her secret.


Written for Daily Post’s Prompt: Secret


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