2016 · CHALLENGES · Fiction · Flash Fiction · Yeah Write

Yeah Write #255 – To each his own! – Fiction

I don’t know when I started collecting rain introspected Shiela. “Maybe it was from past several months when we were struck by drought, or, was it when this latest ‘challenge’ fad started? Nevertheless, I commenced the task of placing an empty bucket in the front yard of my house every day and leaving it for months together to collect rain water”.

Sheila inspected the bucket and realized that it was vacuous. She looked yonder at her barren field that was deprived of water due to recent drought. Crops had perished. Her farm animals were malnourished. Some denizens had even abandoned her village, in the pursuit of water.

To distract herself, she grabbed her television remote and turned it on. News of eminent personalities, business tycoons, politicians, commoners, et al, pouring bucket-loads of water over their heads and in-turn challenging their friends to follow suit, on the pretext of raising money for ALS, flashed across her television screen. She loathed and cursed them under her breath, as always. She was flabbergasted and annoyed at the fact that these morons across the globe were wasting water and ice (solidified form of water). She couldn’t fathom why they couldn’t simply donate monetarily, instead of this abundant wastage of natural resource. Her deserted village, helpless neighbors and barren fields reminded her about the dearth of water and how their lives had become so painstaking.

She thought something was seriously wrong with the world. She couldn’t solve world problems, but, she could definitely solve her own. She retired to the front yard, and sat patiently, counting the rain drops that fell into her empty bucket.



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