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Yeah Write #256 – Love-Hate relationship with Green Tea! – #fiction

I’m familiar with the bitter taste. It tasted awful the first time. But, I ignored the bitterness and gulped it down my throat. I had read and heard raving reviews about its numerous health benefits ranging from shedding extra pounds and beating obesity, enhancing fat burning and increasing metabolism, improving mental health, dental health and physical performance; lowering risks of breast and prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases. My goal was to lose weight. I was successfully piling up extra pounds around my midsection and thighs.

Surfing the tea/coffee aisle at Kroger, I picked up few boxes of flavored Green Tea with interesting combinations like Honey/lemon, mixed berry, white mangosteen and peach; and, Red Goji and Raspberry.  I decided to experiment with the honey/lemon combo. I brewed a tea bag in the cup of hot water for a couple of minutes. It was tasting time. It smelt weird. Covering my nostrils with my forefinger and thumb of the left hand, I sipped it. It tasted disgusting. Weight loss did come with a price. I wasn’t going to give up so easily. Mustering some courage, I gulped down the entire cup of green tea. My tongue turned bitter. I had to eat a spoonful of fresh honey to fend off this sour taste from my tongue.

This practice continued for several days. Days turned into months. For the entire period of six months, I miraculously drank two cups of freshly brewed green tea every day, despite loathing the bitterness. I had also started exercising on treadmill and watched my calorie intake by cutting out unhealthy snacks, fried foods and coke from my diet.

It was the judgement day. I hopped onto the scale and was enthralled to see myself weigh twenty pounds lighter. I credit my love-hate relationship with green tea for this success.



8 thoughts on “Yeah Write #256 – Love-Hate relationship with Green Tea! – #fiction

  1. -blush- I actually drink green tea by choice to give myself a break from coffee. Have you tried the one with Jasmine? Also one small tip – don’t add freshly boiled water to the green tea. Let the water cool just a little before pouring it in. Brewing takes a bit longer – about 5 minutes- but you don’t get as much bitterness.

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