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“Wheels on the Bus” – Birthday Party

a5aMy little Prince turned ONE on 9/15. I still remember the first time I held him in my arms, the day he was born. My life changed forever. As he grew each milestone, my eagerness and euphoria grew manifold and etched those incredible memories of his “firsts” in my heart:  first coo, first word “Amma”, first “turn over”, blabbering “da-da”, “ba-ba”; first steps with the walker, first tooth, first crawl, first time standing up by himself, first time climbing the entire staircase, first time feeding himself with finger food, using his tiny little fingers, and first steps forward, sans any support, et al.

Well, time surely flies! 🙂

Since he loves “Wheels on the bus” rhyme by “Mother Goose club”, I zeroed in on that theme for a small family celebration at home! 🙂

I decided to go with yellow and black colors for the theme – bought yellow and black table cloths, plates and forks, along with decor stuffs. Having watched few YouTube videos on “How to create Bus shaped cake”, I was confident enough to muster my courage to give a stab at baking a “yellow bus shaped fondant cake” for his birthday!

A quick shopping trip to Joann’s helped me procure the necessity supplies – a jar of white fondant, yellow food coloring, black sugar sheets, edible sugar letters, a fondant mat and a rolling pin.

I was really satisfied at how the “bus” shaped cake actually turned out! 🙂 My Prince was enthralled and he had a blast!

Sharing some pictures of “Wheels on the Bus” themed party.


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