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Every Last Lie – Book review

Title: Every Last Lie

Author: Mary Kubica

Rating: 3/5


Being a fan of Mary Kubica, I snagged this “signed” copy at Target recently.

Story revolves around a family: Nick, his wife Clara, their daughter Maisse and a newborn son Felix.

Clara discovers that Nick is dead in a car crash at Harvey road, on his way back home. Their daughter Massie miraculously survives the crash and starts having nightmares about the bad man who was following their car in a black car.

Clara refuses to believe that it is an accident and starts to investigate this case all by herself when the detective hushes down her claims.
The plot is full of twists and turns where Clara discovers shocking things about Nick like his speeding tickets, restraining order from a woman called Melinda Grey, withdrawal of his life insurance, a receipt for a pricy pendant from the jewelry store, and his call records which show that he was on a call with a woman named Kat during the time of the accident. All these convince her that Nick was having an affair.
She ventures out to put the pieces of the puzzle together to prove that her Nick was actually killed and it wasn’t an accident.
Heart pacing read, but, the ending was a downer.

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