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Christmas Decor

This year for Christmas, we decided to go with “white and gold” theme.

Hobby Lobby has a great selection of Christmas decor items in a plethora of color choices! Best part is, there is currently 50% off on all the Christmas decor!

Michaels also currently has around 70% off on all the Christmas decor items including wreath, garlands, ribbons, ornaments etc.

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2017 · For Home · Winter

DIY Hot Cocoa & Coffee Bar

I have never been a coffee drinker all my life. But, until recently, when I tasted Starbucks’ Holiday Blend Coffee! I started developing a liking towards coffee and ended up buying different Starbucks coffee flavors like: Holiday Blend, Peppermint mocha and Caramel flavored coffee powders from Target.

Having spent several hours on YouTube on “how to design my own coffee bar”, I made several trips to Target, Hobby Lobby & Dollar tree and gathered all the coffee bar essentials: coffee mugs, coffee mugs stand, canisters, cake stand, Hot Cocoa mix, marshmallow, candy canes, coffee stirrers et al.

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2017 · Cities · TRAVEL

Chattanooga Attractions

If you are looking for vacationing in Chattanooga, there are a couple of attractions including: Lookout mountain, Ruby Falls, Incline Railway, Rock City Gardens & Tennessee aquarium. These attractions are unique in their own way.

Here’s what we did during our stay at Chattanooga last weekend (Oct 28th – Oct 29th):

  • Cabin: We bumped onto “City Overlook & Hideway” cabin on homeaway.com. The cabin was stupendous! It was spacious, cozy, hardwood floored, and very well maintained. The den had wall of glass windows to enable picturesque views of downtown Chattanooga, Lookout mountain and Signal mountain.

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2017 · DIY · For Home

Project Kitchen – Painting

Being DIY fanatics,we had this plan of changing the interior wall paint of our kitchen from dark yellow to something brighter. We decided to accomplish this long-waited project, this Saturday!

After 3 hours of taping & 5 hours of painting two coats of paint, our kitchen looks more elegant now!

Materials used:

– Paint brushes

– Rollers

– Plastic sheets

– Paint tray

– Paint: Sherwin Williams – Greek Lane – 1 gallon from Lowe’s

– Painters tape

– Spackling compound – for filling the holes

– Sanding block- for smoothing the walls

– Putty knife

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2017 · 2017 Reads · BOOKS · Mystery

Every Last Lie – Book review

Title: Every Last Lie

Author: Mary Kubica

Rating: 3/5


Being a fan of Mary Kubica, I snagged this “signed” copy at Target recently.

Story revolves around a family: Nick, his wife Clara, their daughter Maisse and a newborn son Felix.

Clara discovers that Nick is dead in a car crash at Harvey road, on his way back home. Their daughter Massie miraculously survives the crash and starts having nightmares about the bad man who was following their car in a black car.

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2017 · Themed Parties

Lego Birthday Party

It’s that time of the year again!! Our little monster turned ‘TWO‘ this September. I had a blast handcrafting lego invitation cards, envelopes, banners, favor boxes, backdrop and lego cubes for the ‘Lego’ themed Birthday party!

Party was a huge hit!!

Hop over to my craft blog to view:

A sneak peek into the ‘Lego‘ party! 🙂


2016 · Themed Parties

‘Royal Prince’ Birthday Party


Our little baby turned ONE! My hubby and I decided to throw him a ‘Royal Prince’ themed birthday party. Being DIY Geeks, we hand-made most of the party supplies – invitation cards, banners, background drapes, handcrafted letters, gift tags, favor bags, crafted cutlery and thank you cards.

All the DIY stuffs can be found here

The Party was a blast! Around 100 guests couldn’t stop raving about the design and decor.

Party decor pictures can be found here


2016 · Themed Parties

“Wheels on the Bus” – Birthday Party

a5aMy little Prince turned ONE on 9/15. I still remember the first time I held him in my arms, the day he was born. My life changed forever. As he grew each milestone, my eagerness and euphoria grew manifold and etched those incredible memories of his “firsts” in my heart:  first coo, first word “Amma”, first “turn over”, blabbering “da-da”, “ba-ba”; first steps with the walker, first tooth, first crawl, first time standing up by himself, first time climbing the entire staircase, first time feeding himself with finger food, using his tiny little fingers, and first steps forward, sans any support, et al.

Well, time surely flies! 🙂

Since he loves “Wheels on the bus” rhyme by “Mother Goose club”, I zeroed in on that theme for a small family celebration at home! 🙂

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2016 · 2016 Favorites · 2016 Reads · BOOKS · Brunch Book Challenge · Mystery

Don’t You Cry – Book Review

Title: Don’t You Cry

Author: Mary Kubica

Rating: 5/5


Mary Kubica at her brilliant storytelling yet again! I loved her previous books “Good Girl” and “Pretty Baby”! She’s my new favorite author.

I was fortunate enough to grab a signed copy of “Don’t you cry” at Target recently. 

An engrossing, intriguing and suspenseful read! It captivated me right from the beginning. 
Quinn discovers that her room mate Esther Vaughan had suddenly disappeared through the fire exit. After rummaging her personal belongings, she discovers a letter addressed to “My Dearest”, signed EV. There are several other surprising events that unfolds- A girl calling Esther’s number in response to ad that Esther had posted looking for a new room-mate, a guy turning up at her apartment informing Quinn that Esther had requested for changing of locks, an affidavit saying Esther is now Jane, pile of shredded letters, etc. Quinn feels that Esther is trying to get rid of her and is looking for new room mate. She feels betrayed and backstabbed. The plot deepens when Quinn discovers few more letters addressed to My dearest- signed EV, and also appalling story of Kelsey, Esther’s previous room mate before Quinn, who had died of peanut allergy/poisoning for which Esther was blamed. Quinn begins to shiver thinking if Esther is plotting to kill her too? 

In a parallel story , a mysterious woman appears in quiet coffee shop where 18 year old Alex works as a dishwasher. Alex was abandoned by his mother and lived with his alcoholic father who sold Alex’s personal trophies and belongings for booze. Alex is working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Alex is now captivated to this mysterious woman and follows her everywhere like shadow – right from the coffee shop, to the beach, to the haunted house which is believed to be haunted by a 5 yr old girl Genevieve, who  had died of drowning in her bath tub, whilst her mother was tending to her baby sister.

The plot is full of surprise twists and turns. It’s a delightful read! As the story progressed, I found myself going back and re-reading the letters as they actually meant something else!