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Don’t You Cry – Book Review

Title: Don’t You Cry

Author: Mary Kubica

Rating: 5/5


Mary Kubica at her brilliant storytelling yet again! I loved her previous books “Good Girl” and “Pretty Baby”! She’s my new favorite author.

I was fortunate enough to grab a signed copy of “Don’t you cry” at Target recently. 

An engrossing, intriguing and suspenseful read! It captivated me right from the beginning. 
Quinn discovers that her room mate Esther Vaughan had suddenly disappeared through the fire exit. After rummaging her personal belongings, she discovers a letter addressed to “My Dearest”, signed EV. There are several other surprising events that unfolds- A girl calling Esther’s number in response to ad that Esther had posted looking for a new room-mate, a guy turning up at her apartment informing Quinn that Esther had requested for changing of locks, an affidavit saying Esther is now Jane, pile of shredded letters, etc. Quinn feels that Esther is trying to get rid of her and is looking for new room mate. She feels betrayed and backstabbed. The plot deepens when Quinn discovers few more letters addressed to My dearest- signed EV, and also appalling story of Kelsey, Esther’s previous room mate before Quinn, who had died of peanut allergy/poisoning for which Esther was blamed. Quinn begins to shiver thinking if Esther is plotting to kill her too? 

In a parallel story , a mysterious woman appears in quiet coffee shop where 18 year old Alex works as a dishwasher. Alex was abandoned by his mother and lived with his alcoholic father who sold Alex’s personal trophies and belongings for booze. Alex is working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Alex is now captivated to this mysterious woman and follows her everywhere like shadow – right from the coffee shop, to the beach, to the haunted house which is believed to be haunted by a 5 yr old girl Genevieve, who  had died of drowning in her bath tub, whilst her mother was tending to her baby sister.

The plot is full of surprise twists and turns. It’s a delightful read! As the story progressed, I found myself going back and re-reading the letters as they actually meant something else!

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The Palace of Illusions – Book Review

Title: The Palace of Illusions

Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Rating: 4/5


One of the greatest epic of all time- Mahabharata told from Draupadi’s perspective. How her birth had a prophecy that she will change the course of history, she will marry five husbands, become queen of queens, own the palace of illusions, lead a glorious life, but will lose her fortune because of her ego, pride, impatience, arrogance and anger that will lead to the greatest war in the history; which will lead to the death of her own children, brother and other loved ones, kill millions of people and render women homeless, helpless and as widows. A war in which the brothers, cousins, father, son, uncle and grandfather will fight against one another for the quest of power and supreme existence.

How she feels when her father uses her as a pawn at swayamwar to get her married to Arjun, only to gain his ally to fulfill his vengeance against Drona.

How she longed to find love and compassion after wedding, that was foiled by manipulative Kunti who made her to be shared by all her five sons; thus making Arjun not completely love her. She easily sees through Arjun’s frustration blaming her, when she is married off to his other brothers. The anguish, frustration she feels when vyasa blesses her to bed with one brother each year and go to the next one as a virgin, every new year.

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Mrs Funny Bones- Book Review

img_3373Title: Mrs Funny Bones

Author: Twinkle Khanna

Rating: 2/5


Extremely overrated book which includes bombastic English words and amateur writing. A self-proclaimed humorist who takes a dig at everything Indian starting from joint families, Punjabi traditions, mothers-in-law, Raksha bandhan, Kurva chauth etc.Β She tries to give a sarcastic touch to everything but fails miserably!Β She should stick to writing columns in TOI than authoring books!

P.S: Buy this book if you just want to improve your vocabulary!