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Pretty Baby – Book Review

Title: Pretty Baby

Author: Mary Kubica

Rating: 5/5

Review: If you love her first novel “Good Girl”, you will definitely love this novel too!

Heidi Wood, a charitable woman one day finds a homeless teenager, Willow with a baby at the train station. She feels really sorry for Willow and the baby and follows them everywhere to know about their whereabouts. She even pursues Willow to come home with her so that she can take care of them. She succeeds in bringing them home, to her shocking husband and daughter. They disapprove Willow and her baby and speculate that she might be a criminal. Heidi takes care of the baby and tends to it as if her own. Heidi has her own history of miscarriage and unable to bear the second child. She gets all nostalgic and paranoid about this baby. She even drives Willow out of her house and keeps the baby herself. In the parallel story, actually Willow was sexually abused by her foster father, who had given away her baby sister for adoption, whose adoptive parents later had their own second child. To avenge this, Willow had kidnapped the adoptive parents’ second child. The adoptive parents go searching for their missing baby and finally finds it with Heidi. Heidi on the other hand needs psychological counselling to let go of her dark past of miscarriage and her possessiveness to the baby that is not her own!

2015 Favorites · 2015 Reads · BOOKS · Thriller

Reconstructing Amelia- Book Review

Title: Reconstructing Amelia

Author: Kimberly McCreight

Rating: 4/5


A psychological thriller about an extremely intelligent, high achiever Amelia, who is accused of plagiarizing on here English paper and committing suicide by falling off her school’s roof! Her mother Kate, who is a litigation lawyer blames herself and her busy career for her daughter’s death, until she receives an anonymous text saying “She didn’t jump”! 

Kate sets out on a wild goose chase procuring immense support from lieutenant Lew sifting through her daughter’s texts, emails and Facebook activities to discover the shocking dark truths about her daughter’s last days of life and people mysteriously involved in her death!

Captivating plot that will give you goosebumps questioning your parental skills and a drive to introspect “how well you know your own child”!


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The Girl on the Train- Book Review

IMG_9397Title: The Girl on the Train

Author: Paula Hawkins

Rating: 4/5


Creepier than “Gone Girl” with unbelievable twist at the end! A regular train commuter gets unknowingly accused in a murder case when she is trying to sort out things with her past; what unfolds later is an unsuspecting murderer who makes your jaw drop!

Story of 3 women whose lives are full of love, hatred, lies, cheating and deceit and how these women are connected to each other by one  common entity!


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Defending Jacob- Book Review

IMG_9398 Title: Defending Jacob

Author: William Landay

Rating: 5/5



A murder mystery thriller revolving around father’s unconditional love for his son, who fights “tooth and nail” for his son, who is indicted in a homicide, believing that his son is innocent.

As the story unwinds and plot thickens, you will be in for great surprises.

Loved the ending! Never expected it!!

William Landay has a new fan now 😉

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Inferno – Book Review

infernoBook: Inferno

Author: Dan Brown

My Rating: 4.5/5

Review: If you are an ardent fan of Dan Brown, I swear, he wont let you down!! This is a novel, similar to ‘Da Vinci Code’ , which you will not put it down!

Plot:  Robert Langdon’s breath-taking roller coaster ride through spectacular architectural museums, palaces and churches in Europe; exploring their secret passages, tunnels, doors, gates & gardens; en route encountering & deciphering mind boggling cryptic painting signatures, puzzles, poems & codes, along with his trustworthy & deceitful aides; having been followed & attacked by their arch nemesis!!
The plot is full of surprising twists & turns !!
“Cerca Trova” – “seek and you shall find”!! 😉