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FFFAW – The Break Up


Photo Credit: TJ Paris

“I am sorry, John. I don’t love you anymore. We are done. I am breaking up with you” Emily’s text read. John was heartbroken. He frantically moved his fingers on the keypad and typed: “Why Emily? Please tell me the reason”. “I cannot imagine my life without you”.

He stared at her last texts with tear-welled eyes. His fingers fumbled into his coat pocket and fetched the gorgeous diamond ring. He stood dejected pondering over his fate, when a shriek in despair, caught his ears.

“Help me! I am drowning”.

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2016 · CHALLENGES · fffaw · Fiction · Flash Fiction · Photo Fiction

FFFAW- The Hue of LOVE!

“These five are making my life a living hell”, exclaimed the enraged principal Rachel, adjusting the bi-spectacles around her eyes, as she studied each of the boys thoroughly from head to toe – Andy’s black eye, Brian’s broken tooth, Chris’ bruised face, Daymond’s agony and Eric’s limp.

“Another brawl” reported Ms Eva.

“Suspend them” said Rachel.

“I have a better plan. How about a team-building activity”? asked Eva, whispering her plan into Rachel’s ears, who nodded affirmatively.

Sunday morning, during their Lowe’s shopping trip, they bought some red paint cans and brushes and headed to the park, where sat an unattractive bench amidst the trees and a jogging trail. She instructed the reluctant boys to commence their job. After two hours of fatigue, frustration, hard work and several brush strokes, the result was marvelous.

“See, you all can create beautiful things when united”, she triumphantly remarked, adoring the beautiful red bench.

Image Courtesy: Ady

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