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FFFTPP- Puppy Eyes


“For the thousandth time, I am asking you: Where is your homework”? demanded enraged teacher Sally.

“For the thousandth time, I promise you, it wasn’t me. My canine Brownie ate my homework. He chewed it up into thousands of pieces.” responded little Tom innocently.

Sally had enough of this crap already. She hated going back and forth into deadlock with this mischievous boy. Throwing up her hands in exasperation, she bellowed:

“Firstly, you are not punctual to your classes. Secondly, you don’t submit your homework on time. Thirdly, you lie through your teeth?. I give up. I need to see your parents tomorrow”.

Little Tom was disappointed. With heavy heart, he went home and conveyed his teacher’s request to his parents, who agreed to adhere to it halfheartedly.

Next morning when Sally informed his parents about the “dog eating my homework” fable, they were flabbergasted. When Tom returned home, his mom sternly asked him to own up his lies, but, he continued to be defensive “Mom, Brownie did eat my homework”. She was furious. “Look at Brownie’s puppy eyes”, she said.

Ignoring the altercation, Brownie stealthily reached Tom’s schoolbag to grab his next prey – Science homework book.


Word Count: 197

This is an entry for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practicioner – Week #7