Shapeshifting 13 – The Annual Cereal Bowl

Courtesy: Carl Warner

It was the annual Cereal bowl – Oatmeal vs Grits. Strawberry, blueberry, almonds, legumes and honey on Oatmeal’s team; corn, cheese, bacon, green onion and poached egg on Grit’s team. Milk was undecided about his team. The clock was ticking, team buses were leaving. He skimmed all the way to the Oatmeal bus.


Word Count: 52 words.

This is an entry for Shapeshifting 13 #40 Challenge


Shapeshifting 13 – DESTINY

She swam from left to right, and vice versa, with deep anger, agitation and frustration. She saw a gigantic fish take a leap in the ocean. “Wish I was there”, she thought. “Splash!” fell a net in the ocean.

This is an entry for Shapeshifting 13 #39 Challenge for writing a fiction story using the given picture prompt in just 39 words!