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Six Sentence Stories: Bondage

Ara and Alan were conjoined twins cleaved since birth.

Their parents spent an astronomical sum of money on plethora of surgeries to separate their bodies, but in vain.

Ara was more outgoing, whereas, Alan was an introvert.

Their cleaved bodies became a subject of mockery throughout their lives.

Alan was depressed and wanted to put an end to this prolonged misery.

He didn’t heed to Ara’s desperate cry for introspection, whilst falling off the cliff.


My entry for this week’s Six Sentence Story prompt – CLEAVE


2016 · CHALLENGES · Fiction · Flash Fiction · Six Sentence Stories

Six Sentence Stories -A cherished gift

“This was your grandma’s bridal dress, that was passed onto me during my wedding to your dad”, said Mrs. Walter, admiringly looking at the gorgeous white laced dress, that she held out to her daughter.

“It’s beautiful” replied Tina, running her fingers through the delicate, smooth silk encompassing intricate designs.

“It’s yours now, but let me first repair the frayed edges with a new lace”.

“Don’t worry Mom; I love it the way it is”.

“It is the only cherished gift of grandma that I have now”, exclaimed Tina, as she kissed it and held it against her heart.

Mrs. Walter pulled Tina closer and kissed her forehead saying “Grandma will be smiling in heaven”.


This is my entry for Uncharted’s Six Sentence Story – FRAY

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Six Sentence Stories – The Winning Pot

courtesy: http://www.solverde.pt

The dealer began to draw a card from the deck, and placed it facing upwards, on the table.

Both the players re-glanced at their two hand-held cards with the poker face.

They increased their stakes by going “all-in”.

The deal was completed with five cards on the table – A, 2, 5, 10 and J facing upwards.

Confidently, Jack bent forward reaching out to the winning stash, whilst displaying his two playing cards 3 and 4.

“Uh-huh! Not so fast, my friend”, exclaimed Rick, triumphantly, cupping his hands and sweeping the winning pot, as he laid down his two cards – K and Q.


This is an entry for Six Sentence Stories – Draw