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Yeah Write #257 – Wish I could stop TIME! – A Microstory

Six months ago, we embarked onto new Parenthood by embracing the new sunshine into our lives.
Every moment of our life has been extremely blissful ever since then.
Wishing our little munchkin a very Happy 6th month birthday. Time surely does fly.


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Yeah Write #256 – Love-Hate relationship with Green Tea! – #fiction

I’m familiar with the bitter taste. It tasted awful the first time. But, I ignored the bitterness and gulped it down my throat. I had read and heard raving reviews about its numerous health benefits ranging from shedding extra pounds and beating obesity, enhancing fat burning and increasing metabolism, improving mental health, dental health and physical performance; lowering risks of breast and prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases. My goal was to lose weight. I was successfully piling up extra pounds around my midsection and thighs.

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Yeah Write #256 – Doctor’s Advice – Micro story

“Doctor, why am not I getting pregnant?” she asked with tear-welled eyes.

“Well, you’ve normal hormones, great-looking uterus, plentiful eggs, and unblocked fallopian tubes. Stop stressing and you will get pregnant”.

“Two years of calmness didn’t work” She sighed with sheer disappointment.


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Yeah Write #255 – To each his own! – Fiction

I don’t know when I started collecting rain introspected Shiela. “Maybe it was from past several months when we were struck by drought, or, was it when this latest ‘challenge’ fad started? Nevertheless, I commenced the task of placing an empty bucket in the front yard of my house every day and leaving it for months together to collect rain water”.

Sheila inspected the bucket and realized that it was vacuous. She looked yonder at her barren field that was deprived of water due to recent drought. Crops had perished. Her farm animals were malnourished. Some denizens had even abandoned her village, in the pursuit of water.

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Yeah Write #255 – Press the Damn button! – Non Fiction

Few months ago, I had invited my friend’s family over for dinner. Everybody – my friend, her husband, their teenage daughter (aged 16) and pre-teen son (aged 10) arrived promptly around 7pm. All of us were seated comfortably on the leather couch across the television in our den, engrossed in our own conversation, when their son expressed his desire to watch some cartoon on Netflix. Possessing the remote, he started surfing the channel feed on Netflix homepage to select his favorite cartoon, when he accidently bumped upon Russel Peters’ show. The teenage daughter immediately jumped upon him and snatched the remote and played Russel Peters.

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Yeah Write #255 – Mind your own business

She forbids me from nurturing new friendships.  Always poisons my ears with cock-and-bull stories. Is she insecure or a control freak? Why poke her nose where it doesn’t belong? She’s getting on my nerves. It’s high time she stops pushing the button.


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Yeah Write #254 – What’s in the name? – Microstory

“I will vote for Donald Trump” Jack exclaimed.

Paul quipped, “My vote goes to Hillary Clinton.”

Both of them looked inquisitively at George, who shrugged and jeered, “Well, I will vote for Mickey Mouse, as Shakespeare once said: What’s in the name?”



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Yeah Write – My swimming odyssey


“I need to be in the water”. “If I want to swim, I need to be in the water”, I murmur as I stare at the overlooking trapezium-shaped pool spanning across my backyard. Finally, we are proud owners of the gorgeous property that housed the backyard pool. This stunning pool was one of the major deciding factors to invest in this property. Having closed the deal, we moved in during harsh winter, that was an inappropriate time to utilize the pool. We patiently waited until Spring for the temperature to warm up, so that we could start using the pool. Finally, it was Spring. The weather was gorgeous with the bright sun shining over horizon, crystal clear pool water, warm temperature, blooming flowers, chirping birds and green-hued flora. Everything was perfect – except my inability to swim.

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Yeah Write – The unbearable weight

She is a divorcee. He is a widower.  Acquaintances hook them up, he proposes and they marry. Their matrimony is great, encompassing unconditional love, trust, happiness and companionship, until her infertility on account of the cervical cancer weighs her blissful marriage down.


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Yeah Write – The New Chapter

I may have to start making my bed” thought Shrika as she picked up the messed cutlery from the table. A half emptied box of palak paneer lie on the table amidst a to-go box of fried rice,  samosas, alongside a spoon, plate, couple of napkins, and store bought bottled water. It was her first night at the dorm. She had never lived alone in her life. But, this time, it was a tough decision that she had made. Hailing from central southern part of USA, that was deprived of ivy league schools, she had opted MBA at Duke Fuqua, having aced her GMAT with a score of 750/800. Her analytical, math and verbal skills were excellent. She was an all rounder – good at academics, music, sports, debates, public speaking, philanthropy, and had won many laurels, that beautified the mantle over the fireplace of the den of her parents’ home. She was also an amicable person, loyal friend, loving child and an affectionate sister. Everybody loved her to the core. It was really disheartening for her to bid goodbye to her parents, sister, childhood friends, neighbors, classmates and her dog in home town. But, she had made her decision. She had to pursue her education, so she had to sacrifice everything that she loved and had to move to North Carolina to make her dream come true.

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Yeah Write – Enchant-Her

Courtesy: Google Images

He had created a tiny time of enchantment. Little Anna held her parents’ hands as she waited patiently in the long line at the gazebo.  It was a cold windy afternoon. The gazebo was packed with enthralled kids and their parents, everyone decked up in multiple layers of clothing including sweater and jackets to keep themselves warm in the biting cold and against gushy wind. Every kid excitedly waited to meet him, despite freezing cold. Everyone assumed that they have been good this year. A twenty foot tree stood in the garden beside the gazebo. It was beautifully decorated with plethora of ornaments of numerous colors. The excited shrills and hollers of kids filled the air. Infinite camera clicks rebounded the arena. Chatters, laughter and shrills filled the air. The line at the gazebo started becoming shorter.

A huge chair was placed at the center of the gazebo. It was neatly decorated. A well dressed man in red and white fur shirt and pants sat on it with poise. He had a long white beard and a thick mustache running over his upper lips. A red and white fur hat covered his head. It couldn’t protect his ears from cold. A thick black belt ran across his stomach. A sweet wide grin ran across his lips. He was patiently waiting for every kid to come up to him. His bag was loaded with variety of candies and candy canes. Whenever a kid from the line ran up to him, he smiled, picked up the kid and carefully made it sit on his lap. He softly whispered “Merry Christmas” into the kid’s ears and with a lovely smile asked “What’s on your wishlist “?. Every kid in front of little Anna excitedly squealed and ran to sit on his lap when it was their turn. They handed over their wishlists to him. He took every wishlist from every kid, opened it, read it, then, neatly folded and placed it into his red sack, that lay beside his right foot. Then, he carefully bent over, grabbing a piece of candy or candy cane from his goody bag and handed it over to every kid, whilst smiling and posing for their pictures that were being captured by their parents.

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Yeah Write – My First Swim

poolIt was the first time I tried to swim in our house pool water, four feet deep. I tried and tried but in vain, kept drowning with frustration and pain. Snorkeling mask facilitated aplomb, confidence and kept me floated until I gloated.

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