My Experiments with Canvas Painting

IMG_7429-0.JPGToday being “Black Friday” (the day after Thanksgiving”), P & I had a day off from work. Instead of hitting famous malls and standing in crazy beeline queues to shop until we dropped, we decided to do something fun and relaxing!
We bought acrylic paints, different sizes of brushes and Canvases from Michaels and began to paint.
P chose to paint “Cherry Blossoms”
I chose “Gerbara Daisy”.
The experience was so rejuvenating and fulfilling!

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CRAFTS/DIY · Painting

Wall Mural


I bought a groupon for ‘Wall Mural Painting’ class for 3 hours for our family of four. A friend of mine, also bought it, so that our two families could go together and have a blast, painting!

When we went into the studio, we were awestruck by plethora of mural paintings done on all 4 four walls of a room, by all the budding mural artists!

Our guide was a passionate painter himself, bubbling with enthusiasm and had abundant energy. He patiently explained us the process. Surfing the Google images, we were asked to select a picture, which we would like to paint on the wall. This is what we ended up selecting (1) Robin (2) Dove (3) Butterfly (4) Super moon (since it was ‘super moon’ that weekend) 😉

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CRAFTS/DIY · Painting

Monogram Pumpkin

Monogram Pumpkin
Monogram Pumpkin

During Halloween 2012, a ‘pottery painting’ studio offered a groupon deal for painting a ‘monogram pumpkin’, reflective of  ‘harvest’ season; and I seized the opportunity! 😉 It was a great experience to transform a plain ‘white’ piece of pottery into something vibrant, colorful, glazed and creative!

Upon entering the studio, I was asked to pick a plain white tile and choose few acrylic paint colors of my choice. Then I sat down with other enthusiastic painters and the instructor went ahead with her instructions. This was my end result! 😉

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CRAFTS/DIY · Painting

Tea for One

'Tea for Two' Pottery Painting

I shared my awesome  ‘Monogram Pumpkin‘ pottery painting experience with my friend. S was excited and wanted to try it too. Since it is always fun to paint with a friend/partner, we both decided to reach the studio at 6pm, one Friday.

We picked up our plain ‘white’ pottery pieces. S picked up a tile and I picked up ‘Tea for one’ pottery, because I had done tile, last time.

We were asked to choose paint brushes, acrylic paints, stamps of various designs, shapes and sizes, stencils, tracing sheets, sponges, pens, sharpies of our choice from the stack.

We chose a comfortable table and laid out all our painting stuffs and began to paint.

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