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Pineapple Kesari Bath
Pineapple Kesari Bath

“Kesari Bath” is the authentic sweet of South India preferably Karnataka,Tamil Nadu,Andra Pradesh. It is known by many names like “Sajjigey”,”Kesari Bath” etc


1/2 cup rava
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup milk
3/4 cup sugar
1 Tbsp Ghee
1 cup of cut pineapple pieces
cashews,raisin as per taste


1>Add the milk,water and sugar to a frying pan and allow the milk to boil.
2>When the milk starts boiling, add rava and mix well immediately avoiding the formation of lumps
3>Keep it for 5 mins and just 30 secs before removing it from fire, add the pineapple pieces to it and then add 1 Tbsp of Ghee
4>Remove from fire and garnish with raisins and cashews

1>Rava should be added after milk boils in order to prevent formation of lumps
2>Ghee is added to give the “Authentic” Kesari Bath taste!!

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Gulab Jamoon

Gulab Jamoon
Gulab Jamoon

Gulab Jamoon Powder(MTR mix, orkay mix, etc)
Cups of Water and Sugar in the ratio 1:2

a>For making dough:
1>Mix the gulab jamoon powder and water in the ratio 1:0.25 in blender to make a dough.
2>Make tiny balls of the dough(make TINY balls of dough only because,if you make Larger ones,it will start breaking when you fry in oil.. Also,the tiny balls of dough will become big when you fry in oil)
3>Fry the tiny balls of dough in oil till they turn golden brown. Remove from fire and keep aside.

b>Method for preparing Sugar Syrup:
1>Mix 1:2 cups of water and sugar in a frying pan until a thick sugary paste is formed.

c>Method for making Gulab Jamoons:1>Add the fried balls of dough to the sugar syrup prepared and fry till the dough absorbs sugar syrup.
2>Remove from fire and serve hot.

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Carrot Halwa

Carrot Halwa

2 cups of grated Carrot,
2 cups of sugar
1 cup milk,
Always remember,the ratio of carrot:sugar:milk=1:1:0.5
2 Tbsp Ghee,
Cashewnuts and Raisins as per taste


1>Add grated carrot,sugar and milk to the frying pan and mix well.
2>Allow the ingredients to become thick.
3>Add 1 Tbsp of ghee to the thick mixture,mix well and remove from fire.
4>Take a small frying pan,add 1 Tbsp of remaining ghee to it,add the cashewnuts and raisins and fry till cashews turn golden brown.
5>Mix the fried cashewnuts and raisins to the halwa prepared and serve hot