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Awestruck by my Apple Watch!

apple-watch-1Apple Watch – Being an Apple fanatic, owning an Apple Watch was my motto! Finally, I am a proud owner of “Apple Watch Sport edition” (Gold Aluminium Case with Antique white sports brand), all thanks to my Saturday shopping trip to Apple store. I can’t stop raving about the awesome capabilities that the watch renders on your wrist. You just wear it like a watch and voila! you have access to iMessages, Phone calls, Email, Camera, Photo library, Calendar, Activity, Workout, Wallet, Siri, Music, Weather, Timer, fitness, Stocks, stopwatch, alarm, news, shopping, games, travel, social networking sites et al. Isn’t this awesome?! You also have the capability to download certain apps and access them directly on your watch.

To get started, you need to pair your watch with your iphone.  There are two buttons on the right side of the watch’s case : Digital crown and Side button. (a)Digital crown is a dial which helps you select applications from main menu and also lets you scroll through various options in the chosen application. (b) Side button takes you to recent contacts. Double clicking the side button enables Apple pay.

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Science behind Delicious INDIAN Food!

What makes “Indian Food” so delicious?

I recently came across this interesting article on “Washington Post” which explains how researchers at Indian Institute of Technology in Jodhpur have figured out the math and science behind what makes Indian Food so lip-smacking! They have crunched data on thousands of recipes available on famous chef “TarlaDalal.com”.

Synopsis: Western food comprises of ingredients with overlapping flavors; whereas, in Indian food, the ingredients do not have overlapping flavors, or have minimum overlap in their flavors. Hence, in Indian food, your taste buds can easily sense and differentiate the flavor of each ingredient involved in making a delicious Indian meal!

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