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Chattanooga Attractions

If you are looking for vacationing in Chattanooga, there are a couple of attractions including: Lookout mountain, Ruby Falls, Incline Railway, Rock City Gardens & Tennessee aquarium. These attractions are unique in their own way.

Here’s what we did during our stay at Chattanooga last weekend (Oct 28th – Oct 29th):

  • Cabin: We bumped onto “City Overlook & Hideway” cabin on homeaway.com. The cabin was stupendous! It was spacious, cozy, hardwood floored, and very well maintained. The den had wall of glass windows to enable picturesque views of downtown Chattanooga, Lookout mountain and Signal mountain.

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Chicago Chronicles


We recently visited Chicago and stayed at my brother’s apartment on ‘Riverfront’ in Downtown Chicago. We visited many attractions over the weekend and had a gala time. If you are planning to visit Chicago anytime soon, make sure not to miss these below listed attractions:

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Road Trip to Nashville

-IjYCDJRBaby A turned 4 months old this January 15th, 2016. P’s and my offices were closed for MLK Holiday on Jan 18th. We decided to fulfill our long pending road trip to Nashville. Having loaded our BMW X5 with our luggage bags, baby suitcase comprising of his clothes, diapers, wipes, toys and books; his play pen, baby rocker, stroller and other baby accessories; accompanied by some snacks for the drive, we set out on baby A’s first road trip. At 11:30 AM, we started our 3 and 1/2 hour drive via I-40 and US 79 N. Baby A was comfortably seated in his car seat facing the car’s trunk. He thoroughly enjoyed watching the trees, sky, vehicles and scenery as our car zipped by. Our first destination was Shri Ganesha Temple.

Shri Ganesha Temple: A beautifully constructed Hindu temple is housed at 527 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, TN 37209. This temple is maintained by Kannada community, contradictory to, the usual Telugu community as other temples in the US. We reached the temple at 3:30PM, had good darshan of Lord Ganesha along with other deities; and savored the theertha (holy water) and prasadam that was offered to all the devotees. Ambiance was serene. Despite freezing temperature and chilly wind blowing to our faces, we sat on the steps at the foot of the temple and clicked some pictures with baby A.

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Road Trip to ATLANTA

photo 27/25/2014, Friday – It is always fun to load your car trunk with your baggage and hit the road, traversing through scenic landscapes, infinite blue sky, boundless highways and roads, and also witnessing sunset/sunrise over horizon. Some long drives exceeding for more than 8 hours are usually strenuous. However, a 6 hour road trip to Atlanta with two drivers alternating for three hours is absolute fun! Having returned from work at 6PM on 7/25/2014, Friday, we loaded our BMW X5’s trunk with our baggages, dinner boxes, snacks, water bottles and camera kit. Sitting in the driver’s seat, and buckling my seat belt, keying in the destination address on the car’s GPS, I turned on the ignition  to drive the first part of the destination: BIRMINGHAM. We decided to take US 78 and I 22 to Birmingham. Since Birmingham was just 3 hours drive from our hometown and en-route to ATLANTA, we decided to sleep over at Birmingham on Friday night. It was a great drive spanning the picturesque mountains, valleys, lake, outstretched blue sky, never-ending long roads, wide spread stretch of trees, and beautiful sunset. We reached Birmingham at 9:30 PM. Famished and tired, we checked-in to our hotel “Comfort Inn”. It was a spacious room with two queen size beds, including amenities like television, microwave and fridge; and was large enough to comfortably accommodate our family of four. We relished the dinner that we had brought from home. Setting the alarm for next morning, we hit the bed to get good night’s sleep before the 3 hour journey from Birmingham to Atlanta, that was ahead of us the next day.

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New Year 2014 in New York City!

NYC Taxi
NYC Taxi

What better way to kick-start “New Year 2014” than travel to world’s most awesome city?! 😉

Having packed our luggage with plentiful winter wear, thermals, winter jackets, gloves, scarfs, caps and snow boots, we commenced our wonderful journey by landing in LaGuardia airport.

The beauty of NYC is, it has an amazing transportation systems like:

(1) Taxis – Wave your hand in the middle of the street to stop the taxi to travel to ANYWHERE in NYC! It is the quick and easy way to reach any destination. Fares are affordable too!

(2) Sight-seeing buses – double-decker buses which covers major routes.

(3) PATH (The Port Authority of NY & NJ) is a rail system which takes you to WTC, Hoboken, Newark, Journal Square, and also New Jersey.

(4) Penn Station – Amtrak service via which you can travel to and fro from New York to New Jersey.

(5) Subways – Underground train system using which you can travel to many sight seeing places in NYC.

We mostly used Taxis and PATH to visit tourist spots in NYC and trains via Penn Station to travel from NYC to NJ and back.


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Scintillating San Francisco!!

I was always fascinated by California. I have my childhood friends living there and have heard some great stories about few great cities and places in California. Visiting California was always lingering in my mind.  On November 16th, evening, after work, we boarded the flight to California.

November 16th, 2013, Saturday: Early morning we checked out of our hotel in San Jose after having complimentary continental breakfast. Having downloaded the uber app, registered with my credit card on my iphone, I booked a cab, which arrived in just 7 minutes! It was the first time that I used “uber” app and I will swear by it! We boarded the cab and answered “Golden Gate Bridge” when the chauffeur enquired about our destination.

Google’s self-driving “Robotic Car”

En route to “Golden gate bridge”, we spotted Google’s self-driving “Robotic car”. I was overjoyed and this is where my awesome in-built camera on iphone5s came handy!! 😉

It was an hour drive from San Jose to Golden Gate bridge. Our driver dropped us off at “south vista point” on Golden Gate bridge because, parking isn’t allowed on “north vista point”. Since “uber” is prepaid service, we thanked our chauffeur and began our wonderful San Francisco journey.

We had to visit most of the places on just Saturday, because we were departing back to our hometown via Sunday’s 12:40 pm flight. It was a very tight schedule and we had to utilize it to the optimum.

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