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Wonder Works, Orlando

Wonder Works
Wonder Works

September 2nd, 2013 – On our way to the airport, we decided to do a pit-stop at “Wonder Works“, an interactive science museum that has exhibits, that marvels all age groups.

An “upside down” building, that is marvelous and stunning! It houses a plethora of science models, experiments and fun rides. A place where “science” and “technology” come ALIVE!

Few attractions that you shouldn’t miss at “Wonder Works” are:

1) Zero Gravity Chamber – Experience what “Zero Gravity” feels like!

2) Earthquake Cafe – Ever experienced the “Earthquake”? You can get a demo of how it feels to experience an earthquake measuring 6.0 on Ritcher’s scale in this set up.

3) Tornado– experience a tornado in this chamber.

4) Human lightning rod – you wear a glove and touch the lightning rod to generate lightning!

4) Bed Of Nails – Got the nerve to sleep on the bed of real nails?

5) Shadow Capture – You can capture your own shadow! isn’t it freaking awesome?

6) Beheaded ! – Get beheaded (for photograph) at this chamber!

and many more such fascinating science models, experiments and chambers!

You need to visit “Wonder Works” to experience “science”!!