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First Bike Ride – Blogher Writing Lab

This question brought back my childhood memories. The “firsts” are always cherished by everyone. Our wonderful brain may forget lot of events that happened in our life, but will totally remember our first experiences.

When I was in high school, I was eligible to ride a bike to school. We stayed thirty minutes away from school and I was commuting by public transport everyday to school. It was a painful experience to wait for longer duration at the bus stop, then, board a crowded bus with no empty seats, and stand firmly performing a balancing act with gigantic school bag clung to your shoulder, while painstakingly grabbing the suspended handles from the roof of the bus. I totally hated it.

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Many of my friends had ditched public transport and started peddling their way to school on their new and attractive bikes. I was tempted to do the same. So, I approached my dad and declared my eligibility to own a bike and ride it to school. First, he wasn’t very happy with the idea fearing huge traffic and reckless drivers, but later gave in and brought me a bike – Hero Ladies Bicycle.  I was overjoyed to own a new bike. I couldn’t wait to show it off to my friends and also ride along with some of my friends in my neighborhood.

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Blogher Writing Lab – Magic Number – Jan 13th, 2016

Today’s prompt is:

jan 13th

Eons ago, phones were analog devices hung onto the wall of our home, or placed on the coffee table, for the sole purpose of receiving and making calls. But, thanks to the technology breakthroughs, nowadays, our digital phones provides us with plethora of utilities ranging from phone calls, messages, checking emails, social media interaction, checking news, weather, playing games, etc.

Well, to begin with, “checking my phone” is the first thing that I do, the moment I open my eyes in the morning, and also the last thing before I close my eyes at night. I can safely say that I ‘wake up’ and ‘sleep to’ my iPhone! 🙂 I haven’t actually counted that ‘magic number’, but I think I might at least check my phone 15-20 times a day!! I am connected to my family, friends and loved ones via Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram. I love being in touch with them regularly. Most of them are scattered across the world and social media serves as a great platform to keep myself abreast with important events and incidents happening in their lives. I moved to US after my wedding, so couldn’t get a chance to know and understand my husband side’s family and relatives. But, thanks to recent group that I created on whatsapp, I had the opportunity to converse with his side of family on regular basis and understand them better. We also share pictures of major events of our lives on this group.

Pinterest is goldmine for plentiful ideas and tutorials of various genre like – baking, cooking, crafts, sewing, scrapbooking, photography, jewelry making etc. I login to Pinterest on regular basis to get updates of interesting pins from the boards and people that I am following.

I have also installed some news apps like cnn, new york times etc to get my morning dose of news.

My Emails buzz every time I receive a new one, forcing me to view them easily on my phone and respond to the sender.

Thus, because I use my iPhone for various purposes, I feel the need and urge to check it regularly.

P.S: I will not muster the courage to actually count that ‘magic number’, but I will continue to live with the assumption that number is twenty! 😛

P.P.S: I am consciously practicing not to touch my phone when my little one is around, so that he receives my ‘complete attention’.

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Blogher Writing Lab – Availability – Jan 11th, 2016

Today’s prompt is

Jan 11th

Previously, I had my work email installed on my iphone. I was also provided with my office laptop to login from home or carry it on vacations. I used to frantically check my work emails on my phone and had this burning urge to reply to emails even when I was on vacation. I used to also login to my office laptop as soon as reached home from office and during weekends to sift for any important emails. This was killing my “quality time” with my family.

Now, I have uninstalled my work email from my personal phone and also do not carry laptops home unless there is anything important.

My family is my top priority. If the job gets stressful, I can quit and find another one, but I will not compromise my family time.

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Blogher Writing Lab – Focus – Jan 8th,2016

Today’s prompt for ‘Blogher Writing Lab’ is:

Jan 8th

Things that help me stay focused at work:

My newborn – The desperate need to provide my newborn with good food, health, medical facilities and basic amenities drives my motivation at work. As a mother, I feel it is my duty to provide him a good life.

My ‘awesome’ Health Insurance – I am one of the lucky people to be working for a medical device manufacturing company, which provides stupendous health insurance for their employees. My insurance covers 90% of medical expenses, leaving me with just 10% to pay from my pocket. Recently, during my pregnancy & delivery, we discovered that I had to just pay $500 “deductible” and $2500 “out of pocket” which included my doctor visits, sonograms, blood tests, delivery, medical bills, hospital stay et al. Isn’t that awesome?!

My ‘bi weekly paycheck’ – I absolutely love to see my bi-weekly paychecks being credited to my bank account on Fridays, biweekly. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and motivates me to make more money.

Taking ‘breaks’ during work – Mine is a “desk job”which involves sitting at my desk the whole day writing codes, running programs, processes; doing analysis and creating reports. To be glued to computer screen forever is stressful for eyes, mind and body. I try my best to sneak in a quick walk everyday to the coffee machine or in the parking lot. It refreshes my mind and helps me concentrate better to be more productive.

Competitive projects – When my manager entrusts me with competitive projects that tests my analytical, technical and cognitive skills, I strive hard to impress him with my intelligence.

Appraisals and pay raise – These definitely motivates me to bring out the ‘best in me’ and prove my worth and strive hard to move up the corporate ladder

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BlogHer Writing Lab – Time Management – Jan 7th,2016

jan 7th

Being an early riser, I am way too early for everything – be it to office, or parties, or home or gatherings. My OCD gives me goose bumps if I end up even 5 minutes later than scheduled time. I also hate to receive the title “late comer” or dirty looks from people when you arrive late at your destination. Some sanctimonious people even have the audacity to ‘tap’ their watches and show it to ‘latecomers’ to embarrass them further.

Office – When my husband and I used to work for the same company previously, his ‘dictator’ director required his team to be present at their cubicles by 7:45 AM regularly. His director was such a ‘micro management freak’ that he waited until he saw every team member in their cubicles, before heading downstairs to cafeteria to buy breakfast. On the other hand, my own manager ended up coming to office daily at 9am while I was present at office since 7:45 AM. Even after I switched companies, this habit continued. My entire team, sans my director arrives to office at 9am, but, thanks to carpooling with my husband, I still end up being at office every morning at 7:45AM.

Parties & Gatherings: There have been several instances where we have reached venue either 30 minutes early or exactly on time, only to be met by few lingering souls at the venue, cursing every latecomers under their breath. We have been so early sometimes, that we have even helped with party decor.

So, arriving too early at my destination has been imbibed in me and I totally enjoy being early than everyone else. It gives me a sense of content and pride.




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Blogger Writing Lab – Invasions – Jan 6th, 2016

Today’s Blogher Writing Lab’s prompt is:

Jan 6th

Many of us often struggle to juggle with work and personal life. Because both of them need our undue attention and commitment, we end up at crossroads trying to mix one into another. It will be truly beneficial for our personal and professional growth if we could separate one from another and run them in parallel.

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Blogher Writing Lab – Balance- Jan 5th, 2016

Jan 5thWell, as a part of my New Year resolution, I enrolled in the “BlogHer Writing Lab” contest for January. This is how it works – They publish a new prompt everyday and you need to blog about it.

Today’s prompt is Has Technology helped you achieve a better or worse work/life balance”.

I will safely say Yes and No, because technology has been both advantageous and disadvantageous for me in juggling with my work and personal life

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