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Yeah Write #255 – Mind your own business

She forbids me from nurturing new friendships.  Always poisons my ears with cock-and-bull stories. Is she insecure or a control freak? Why poke her nose where it doesn’t belong? She’s getting on my nerves. It’s high time she stops pushing the button.


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Star, Rain & Pearl

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Once, Shakespeare said “What’s in the name”? and we all nodded in agreement. But, when it comes to Indian names, his quote doesn’t hold good. Indian parents invest immense time and effort in choosing the ‘best name’ that conveys the ‘best meaning’ of their child. Unlike western names, Indian names hold a lot of significance to the meanings- some are derived from ancient scripts like Sanskrit upholding great values and significance. Indian names usually mean lot of things like celestial objects like sun, moon, star, earth; nature like rose, jasmine, flower, petal, et al; praising one’s beauty like beautiful eyes, lips, smile, etc; ornaments like bindi, bracelet, earrings, etc; musical instruments; intelligence, smartness, bravery, invincible etc.

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Missing Hymn in Coldplay’s weekend

Last week, Coldplay released their new video “Hymn For weekend” with the desperate attempt to portray the myriad colors of India. This video has received great appreciation as well as flak at the same time. Let me use this opportunity to explain why Coldplay’s “representation” (quoted on purpose) of INDIA is all seriously flawed! The video begins with showcasing saffron clad Sadhus with their foreheads smeared with ash, a levitating sadhu, crowded streets buzzing with people and vehicles, three boys riding triples on a bike, a boy dressed up as Shiva and the Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, running in slow motion for two nanoseconds. I am really frustrated to know that Coldplay chose all the above mentioned scenarios to represent multitude of colors in India. Seriously, is this what INDIA is all about? Coldplay has definitely missed doing their homework on where to find the myriad colors of India, so let me help them in right direction.

Dear Coldplay,

Here are the list of places where you can find more “colors” in India:

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Passion for Crochet

I have a penchant for learning new things. Having successfully explored Photography, Jewelry Making, Sewing, Canvas Painting and Scrap-booking, I have a desire to learn something new this year- Crochet! Few months ago during my pregnancy, I was skimming Pinterest for some baby projects and bumped onto several crochet projects like baby booties, mittens, cap, cardigan, etc. These projects looked admirably cute. I had longed to learn crochet and do some projects for my baby-to-be. A sweet friend of mine taught me few crochet basics like chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet. Initially, my fingers fumbled to hold the thread accurately between my index and middle fingers and run the hook with my right hand. The tension of the thread kept faltering. It took me numerous tries and re-tries to get the tension right and to master the ‘chain stitch’. When I tried moving to next level of practicing single crochet, I lost patience and interest and had completely abandoned my crochet venture.

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