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Yeah Write #256 – Love-Hate relationship with Green Tea! – #fiction

I’m familiar with the bitter taste. It tasted awful the first time. But, I ignored the bitterness and gulped it down my throat. I had read and heard raving reviews about its numerous health benefits ranging from shedding extra pounds and beating obesity, enhancing fat burning and increasing metabolism, improving mental health, dental health and physical performance; lowering risks of breast and prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases. My goal was to lose weight. I was successfully piling up extra pounds around my midsection and thighs.

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Yeah Write #256 – Doctor’s Advice – Micro story

“Doctor, why am not I getting pregnant?” she asked with tear-welled eyes.

“Well, you’ve normal hormones, great-looking uterus, plentiful eggs, and unblocked fallopian tubes. Stop stressing and you will get pregnant”.

“Two years of calmness didn’t work” She sighed with sheer disappointment.


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Yeah Write – My swimming odyssey


“I need to be in the water”. “If I want to swim, I need to be in the water”, I murmur as I stare at the overlooking trapezium-shaped pool spanning across my backyard. Finally, we are proud owners of the gorgeous property that housed the backyard pool. This stunning pool was one of the major deciding factors to invest in this property. Having closed the deal, we moved in during harsh winter, that was an inappropriate time to utilize the pool. We patiently waited until Spring for the temperature to warm up, so that we could start using the pool. Finally, it was Spring. The weather was gorgeous with the bright sun shining over horizon, crystal clear pool water, warm temperature, blooming flowers, chirping birds and green-hued flora. Everything was perfect – except my inability to swim.

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2016’s First Snowfall

snowLast Friday, we were blessed to experience the first snowfall of 2016. Living in Central America, we are fortunate to experience just three to five inches of snow(optimal enough to enjoy), contrary to severe snowstorms and abundant snowfall as in the northern parts of US.  In the wee hours of Friday, the snowfall started, when everyone was curled up under warm blankets, fast asleep on their beds. Waking up at 7 am, I turned on the blinds of our master bedroom window to view a gorgeous sight. Our entire front, back and side yards had turned pristine white. Little flurries of snow kept falling on the visible ground, trees, my garden and a street running across my house. Weather had plummeted to negative temperature of 30 F and it was freezing cold.

I called my office’s emergency hotline and the recorded message said “Inclement weather policy has been implemented”. Everyone in our team had carried our office laptops home on Thursday evening to work from home on Friday, as a precautionary measure. Friday morning at 8 am, I texted my director conveying to him that I planned to work from home that day. The 9am conference call was canceled. As I had no important work to do immediately, I grabbed my iPhone and ran to the front door to capture the snow pictures. I opened the front door and a gush of cold wind blew to my face, sending chill down my bones. It was freezing cold. The view was breath-taking. A white sheet of snow had enveloped my entire front yard and neighboring houses. My MIL came running to the front door, to catch a glimpse of this sight, it being her first snowfall of her life. Baby A was comfortably resting in his rocker, with a warm blanket running over him to protect him from cold. Portable heater was turned on, but it couldn’t suffice to warm up the entire breakfast area. Fireplace was turned on to keep the den warm. It was a perfect environment to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and read a book, beside the warmth emitting fireplace. But, unfortunately, I had to complete my office work and reading a book was out of question.

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Yeah Write – Enchant-Her

Courtesy: Google Images

He had created a tiny time of enchantment. Little Anna held her parents’ hands as she waited patiently in the long line at the gazebo.  It was a cold windy afternoon. The gazebo was packed with enthralled kids and their parents, everyone decked up in multiple layers of clothing including sweater and jackets to keep themselves warm in the biting cold and against gushy wind. Every kid excitedly waited to meet him, despite freezing cold. Everyone assumed that they have been good this year. A twenty foot tree stood in the garden beside the gazebo. It was beautifully decorated with plethora of ornaments of numerous colors. The excited shrills and hollers of kids filled the air. Infinite camera clicks rebounded the arena. Chatters, laughter and shrills filled the air. The line at the gazebo started becoming shorter.

A huge chair was placed at the center of the gazebo. It was neatly decorated. A well dressed man in red and white fur shirt and pants sat on it with poise. He had a long white beard and a thick mustache running over his upper lips. A red and white fur hat covered his head. It couldn’t protect his ears from cold. A thick black belt ran across his stomach. A sweet wide grin ran across his lips. He was patiently waiting for every kid to come up to him. His bag was loaded with variety of candies and candy canes. Whenever a kid from the line ran up to him, he smiled, picked up the kid and carefully made it sit on his lap. He softly whispered “Merry Christmas” into the kid’s ears and with a lovely smile asked “What’s on your wishlist “?. Every kid in front of little Anna excitedly squealed and ran to sit on his lap when it was their turn. They handed over their wishlists to him. He took every wishlist from every kid, opened it, read it, then, neatly folded and placed it into his red sack, that lay beside his right foot. Then, he carefully bent over, grabbing a piece of candy or candy cane from his goody bag and handed it over to every kid, whilst smiling and posing for their pictures that were being captured by their parents.

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Yeah Write – My First Swim

poolIt was the first time I tried to swim in our house pool water, four feet deep. I tried and tried but in vain, kept drowning with frustration and pain. Snorkeling mask facilitated aplomb, confidence and kept me floated until I gloated.

This is an entry for Yeah Write’s Micro Writing Challenge #249


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My Audience

Audience-Courtesy Google Images

Every performance, activity and feat requires an audience. A good audience encourages the performer to give his best, eases and relaxes his mind and also provides comfort during the performance. Some performers require ‘well known faces’ amidst their audience; whereas, others require strangers. Some feel comfortable receiving encouragement from loved ones; whereas others from strangers. For me, I would love the presence of strangers than my own family and friends.

Since my childhood, I have given numerous performances like song, drama and dance recitals. Every time that I went on stage, I was consciously aware of the fact that my parents and friends are paying rapt attention to every word of the lyrics that came out of my mouth, every step I took in my dance and every move in my drama. This ‘conscious mind’ has always put tremendous pressure on me to give my best, stressing me out that I might fail or let my family and friends down. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy performing under stress. It was also demotivating whenever I didn’t win a competition under this stress. Even during my MBA graduation walk, my husband was amidst the audience hollering and cheering for me, whilst happily snapping pictures, that I was consciously aware of, when I took a walk to receive my degree from the dean. When I married and moved to US for the first time,every time my husband(who is a great cook) ventured into the kitchen whilst I was cooking totally freaked me out. It made me so conscious that he might not like my cooking style or my food. Even today, I literally push him out of the kitchen whenever he steps into it.

Therefore, I can safely say that I need strangers amidst my audience to help me ease and give my best performance.

This post is an entry for The Daily Post’s-Daily Prompt:Witness Protection

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Blogher Writing Lab – Magic Number – Jan 13th, 2016

Today’s prompt is:

jan 13th

Eons ago, phones were analog devices hung onto the wall of our home, or placed on the coffee table, for the sole purpose of receiving and making calls. But, thanks to the technology breakthroughs, nowadays, our digital phones provides us with plethora of utilities ranging from phone calls, messages, checking emails, social media interaction, checking news, weather, playing games, etc.

Well, to begin with, “checking my phone” is the first thing that I do, the moment I open my eyes in the morning, and also the last thing before I close my eyes at night. I can safely say that I ‘wake up’ and ‘sleep to’ my iPhone! 🙂 I haven’t actually counted that ‘magic number’, but I think I might at least check my phone 15-20 times a day!! I am connected to my family, friends and loved ones via Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram. I love being in touch with them regularly. Most of them are scattered across the world and social media serves as a great platform to keep myself abreast with important events and incidents happening in their lives. I moved to US after my wedding, so couldn’t get a chance to know and understand my husband side’s family and relatives. But, thanks to recent group that I created on whatsapp, I had the opportunity to converse with his side of family on regular basis and understand them better. We also share pictures of major events of our lives on this group.

Pinterest is goldmine for plentiful ideas and tutorials of various genre like – baking, cooking, crafts, sewing, scrapbooking, photography, jewelry making etc. I login to Pinterest on regular basis to get updates of interesting pins from the boards and people that I am following.

I have also installed some news apps like cnn, new york times etc to get my morning dose of news.

My Emails buzz every time I receive a new one, forcing me to view them easily on my phone and respond to the sender.

Thus, because I use my iPhone for various purposes, I feel the need and urge to check it regularly.

P.S: I will not muster the courage to actually count that ‘magic number’, but I will continue to live with the assumption that number is twenty! 😛

P.P.S: I am consciously practicing not to touch my phone when my little one is around, so that he receives my ‘complete attention’.

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21 Books that I read in 2015

All thanks to my neighborhood book club meets and Goodreads Reading Challenge that I had signed up for in 2015, I was able to complete reading 21 books!! Yay!

This post is an entry for Indiblogger’s Indispire “Books I read in 2015” Challenge


Here is the list of Books that I read in 2015 along with my ratings and reviews:

img_3476Title: The Martian

Author: Andy Weir

Rating: 4/5

Review: here



Title: Yes Please

Author: Amy Poehler

Rating: 3/5

Review: here


Pretty Baby

Title: Pretty Baby

Author: Mary Kubica

Rating: 5/5

Review: here


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Blogger Writing Lab – Invasions – Jan 6th, 2016

Today’s Blogher Writing Lab’s prompt is:

Jan 6th

Many of us often struggle to juggle with work and personal life. Because both of them need our undue attention and commitment, we end up at crossroads trying to mix one into another. It will be truly beneficial for our personal and professional growth if we could separate one from another and run them in parallel.

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Office S – Baby Shower


My colleagues at S hosted me a wonderful Baby Shower on July 30th, 2015.T,A and T were the three hosts who put together everything for this shower. T had asked me beforehand, what theme I would prefer and my answer was “Nautical”, so they made sure that they incorporated Nautical things into this shower.

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Office A – Baby Shower


P’s colleagues hosted us a “Baby shower” at his office on Aug 6th, 2015. Since the spouse was also invited, I had to go to their office too, to be pampered by their team mates. P picked me up during lunch and we drove to his office. After procuring temporary badge and sifting through security, we finally reached the conference room where the shower was being held.

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