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Three Line Tales: The Colorful Rainbow


Courtesy: Alyssa Smith

Sia woke up to the enchanting rainbow spanning across the gorgeous turquoise sky.

She turned her head towards snoring Mia, stroked her beautiful face, and kissed her luscious lips.

A rainbow had indeed changed her life.


My entry for Three Line Tales: Week Four

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Yeah Write #254 – Fiction

I sit on the long, curvy couch because there are no office chairs. My phone beeps. I lug my Louis Vuitton bag, fumble for my iPhone, pull it out and read the new message from Prady that says “Good luck. I am sure that you will rock”. Smiling, I respond to it “Thanks sweetie. Bye”.

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Friday Fictioneers – The Sands of Time

Courtesy: Sandra Crook

“Ladies and Gentlemen this is the ‘Time Continuum’; a magnificent breakthrough in the field of science, math and technology” proudly exclaimed Professor Iknowall to the inquisitive under-graduate students troupe.

“What’s so great about it?” questioned Paul with indifference.

“Spinning the dial in either direction facilitates you to experience infancy and senility alternatively”.

“He is bluffing”, quipped Paul releasing a huge snort.

“Why don’t you step forward and test it yourself?”.

Incredulously, Paul spun the dial clockwise and was flabbergasted at everyone’s wrinkled skin and grey-haired scalps. Vigorously, he spun it counter clockwise, that made everybody crawl around in soiled diapers.


Word Count: 100

This is an entry for Friday Fictioneers

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FFFAW – The Break Up


Photo Credit: TJ Paris

“I am sorry, John. I don’t love you anymore. We are done. I am breaking up with you” Emily’s text read. John was heartbroken. He frantically moved his fingers on the keypad and typed: “Why Emily? Please tell me the reason”. “I cannot imagine my life without you”.

He stared at her last texts with tear-welled eyes. His fingers fumbled into his coat pocket and fetched the gorgeous diamond ring. He stood dejected pondering over his fate, when a shriek in despair, caught his ears.

“Help me! I am drowning”.

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Three Line Tales – The assigned meeting

Photo by Moi
The sun promised the moon “Let’s meet at the horizon”.

The moon gathered all his stars and waited patiently at dusk.

The sun was absconding, as usual!


This is an entry for Three Line Tales – Week three

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Six Sentence Stories -A cherished gift

“This was your grandma’s bridal dress, that was passed onto me during my wedding to your dad”, said Mrs. Walter, admiringly looking at the gorgeous white laced dress, that she held out to her daughter.

“It’s beautiful” replied Tina, running her fingers through the delicate, smooth silk encompassing intricate designs.

“It’s yours now, but let me first repair the frayed edges with a new lace”.

“Don’t worry Mom; I love it the way it is”.

“It is the only cherished gift of grandma that I have now”, exclaimed Tina, as she kissed it and held it against her heart.

Mrs. Walter pulled Tina closer and kissed her forehead saying “Grandma will be smiling in heaven”.


This is my entry for Uncharted’s Six Sentence Story – FRAY

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Wicked Word Wednesday – Bare

He worked at Walgreens. She asked him for a dinner date on Valentine’s Day, he refused citing working hours as excuse. She visited Walgreens to surprise him with cake and gifts, but he was absent.  His lies bared and her trust dwindled.


Word Count: 42

This is an entry for Wicked Word Wednesday – Bare

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Yeah Write – My swimming odyssey


“I need to be in the water”. “If I want to swim, I need to be in the water”, I murmur as I stare at the overlooking trapezium-shaped pool spanning across my backyard. Finally, we are proud owners of the gorgeous property that housed the backyard pool. This stunning pool was one of the major deciding factors to invest in this property. Having closed the deal, we moved in during harsh winter, that was an inappropriate time to utilize the pool. We patiently waited until Spring for the temperature to warm up, so that we could start using the pool. Finally, it was Spring. The weather was gorgeous with the bright sun shining over horizon, crystal clear pool water, warm temperature, blooming flowers, chirping birds and green-hued flora. Everything was perfect – except my inability to swim.

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Yeah Write – The unbearable weight

She is a divorcee. He is a widower.  Acquaintances hook them up, he proposes and they marry. Their matrimony is great, encompassing unconditional love, trust, happiness and companionship, until her infertility on account of the cervical cancer weighs her blissful marriage down.


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FFFTPP- Puppy Eyes


“For the thousandth time, I am asking you: Where is your homework”? demanded enraged teacher Sally.

“For the thousandth time, I promise you, it wasn’t me. My canine Brownie ate my homework. He chewed it up into thousands of pieces.” responded little Tom innocently.

Sally had enough of this crap already. She hated going back and forth into deadlock with this mischievous boy. Throwing up her hands in exasperation, she bellowed:

“Firstly, you are not punctual to your classes. Secondly, you don’t submit your homework on time. Thirdly, you lie through your teeth?. I give up. I need to see your parents tomorrow”.

Little Tom was disappointed. With heavy heart, he went home and conveyed his teacher’s request to his parents, who agreed to adhere to it halfheartedly.

Next morning when Sally informed his parents about the “dog eating my homework” fable, they were flabbergasted. When Tom returned home, his mom sternly asked him to own up his lies, but, he continued to be defensive “Mom, Brownie did eat my homework”. She was furious. “Look at Brownie’s puppy eyes”, she said.

Ignoring the altercation, Brownie stealthily reached Tom’s schoolbag to grab his next prey – Science homework book.


Word Count: 197

This is an entry for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practicioner – Week #7

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Six Sentence Stories – The Winning Pot

courtesy: http://www.solverde.pt

The dealer began to draw a card from the deck, and placed it facing upwards, on the table.

Both the players re-glanced at their two hand-held cards with the poker face.

They increased their stakes by going “all-in”.

The deal was completed with five cards on the table – A, 2, 5, 10 and J facing upwards.

Confidently, Jack bent forward reaching out to the winning stash, whilst displaying his two playing cards 3 and 4.

“Uh-huh! Not so fast, my friend”, exclaimed Rick, triumphantly, cupping his hands and sweeping the winning pot, as he laid down his two cards – K and Q.


This is an entry for Six Sentence Stories – Draw

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Shapeshifting 13 – The Annual Cereal Bowl

Courtesy: Carl Warner

It was the annual Cereal bowl – Oatmeal vs Grits. Strawberry, blueberry, almonds, legumes and honey on Oatmeal’s team; corn, cheese, bacon, green onion and poached egg on Grit’s team. Milk was undecided about his team. The clock was ticking, team buses were leaving. He skimmed all the way to the Oatmeal bus.


Word Count: 52 words.

This is an entry for Shapeshifting 13 #40 Challenge


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Friday Fictioneers – The Bully

Courtesy: https://thereclininggentleman.wordpress.com/


“Hey little fellow” said Daffy to the newly sprouted Tully.

“I am the boss here. I get all the water and manure. All these teeny weeny plants also sacrifice for my well being”.

“But, I am too small. I need my water and nutrients for my own growth”, replied Tully.

“Look at my stature. Should we settle this over a brawl?”, threatened Daffy condescendingly.

For several days, he forcefully consumed the nutrients from Tully, until the gardener spotted him and exclaimed “Oh! What a beauty! My wife would love it”.

“Karma! Who’s the boss now?” chuckled Tully, triumphantly.


Word Count: 100.

This is an entry for Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt