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Yeah Write #257 – Wish I could stop TIME! – A Microstory

Six months ago, we embarked onto new Parenthood by embracing the new sunshine into our lives.
Every moment of our life has been extremely blissful ever since then.
Wishing our little munchkin a very Happy 6th month birthday. Time surely does fly.


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Yeah Write #256 – Doctor’s Advice – Micro story

“Doctor, why am not I getting pregnant?” she asked with tear-welled eyes.

“Well, you’ve normal hormones, great-looking uterus, plentiful eggs, and unblocked fallopian tubes. Stop stressing and you will get pregnant”.

“Two years of calmness didn’t work” She sighed with sheer disappointment.


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Wicked Word Wednesday: Disarray

They fought. He stormed out leaving her heartbroken. She patiently waited for him, but his ego forbade him. Days turned into weeks, in-turn into months. Finally, he realized his mistake and returned, only to find her apartment in disarray. She was gone.


Word Count : 42

Written for Wicked Word Wednesday – Disarray



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Three Line Tales – Book Addict

Courtesy: Glen Noble

The community library was her favorite place in the whole wide world.

Being a book connoisseur, she indulged herself in books that aided her in diverting all her sorrow, agony, sadness, disappointment and loneliness.

They were shutting it down shortly.


Entry for Three Line Tales – Week Five 

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Yeah Write #255 – Mind your own business

She forbids me from nurturing new friendships.  Always poisons my ears with cock-and-bull stories. Is she insecure or a control freak? Why poke her nose where it doesn’t belong? She’s getting on my nerves. It’s high time she stops pushing the button.


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Three Line Tales: The Colorful Rainbow


Courtesy: Alyssa Smith

Sia woke up to the enchanting rainbow spanning across the gorgeous turquoise sky.

She turned her head towards snoring Mia, stroked her beautiful face, and kissed her luscious lips.

A rainbow had indeed changed her life.


My entry for Three Line Tales: Week Four

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Six Sentence Stories: Bondage

Ara and Alan were conjoined twins cleaved since birth.

Their parents spent an astronomical sum of money on plethora of surgeries to separate their bodies, but in vain.

Ara was more outgoing, whereas, Alan was an introvert.

Their cleaved bodies became a subject of mockery throughout their lives.

Alan was depressed and wanted to put an end to this prolonged misery.

He didn’t heed to Ara’s desperate cry for introspection, whilst falling off the cliff.


My entry for this week’s Six Sentence Story prompt – CLEAVE


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Yeah Write #254 – What’s in the name? – Microstory

“I will vote for Donald Trump” Jack exclaimed.

Paul quipped, “My vote goes to Hillary Clinton.”

Both of them looked inquisitively at George, who shrugged and jeered, “Well, I will vote for Mickey Mouse, as Shakespeare once said: What’s in the name?”



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Friday Fictioneers – The Sands of Time

Courtesy: Sandra Crook

“Ladies and Gentlemen this is the ‘Time Continuum’; a magnificent breakthrough in the field of science, math and technology” proudly exclaimed Professor Iknowall to the inquisitive under-graduate students troupe.

“What’s so great about it?” questioned Paul with indifference.

“Spinning the dial in either direction facilitates you to experience infancy and senility alternatively”.

“He is bluffing”, quipped Paul releasing a huge snort.

“Why don’t you step forward and test it yourself?”.

Incredulously, Paul spun the dial clockwise and was flabbergasted at everyone’s wrinkled skin and grey-haired scalps. Vigorously, he spun it counter clockwise, that made everybody crawl around in soiled diapers.


Word Count: 100

This is an entry for Friday Fictioneers

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FFFAW – The Break Up


Photo Credit: TJ Paris

“I am sorry, John. I don’t love you anymore. We are done. I am breaking up with you” Emily’s text read. John was heartbroken. He frantically moved his fingers on the keypad and typed: “Why Emily? Please tell me the reason”. “I cannot imagine my life without you”.

He stared at her last texts with tear-welled eyes. His fingers fumbled into his coat pocket and fetched the gorgeous diamond ring. He stood dejected pondering over his fate, when a shriek in despair, caught his ears.

“Help me! I am drowning”.

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Three Line Tales – The assigned meeting

Photo by Moi
The sun promised the moon “Let’s meet at the horizon”.

The moon gathered all his stars and waited patiently at dusk.

The sun was absconding, as usual!


This is an entry for Three Line Tales – Week three

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Six Sentence Stories -A cherished gift

“This was your grandma’s bridal dress, that was passed onto me during my wedding to your dad”, said Mrs. Walter, admiringly looking at the gorgeous white laced dress, that she held out to her daughter.

“It’s beautiful” replied Tina, running her fingers through the delicate, smooth silk encompassing intricate designs.

“It’s yours now, but let me first repair the frayed edges with a new lace”.

“Don’t worry Mom; I love it the way it is”.

“It is the only cherished gift of grandma that I have now”, exclaimed Tina, as she kissed it and held it against her heart.

Mrs. Walter pulled Tina closer and kissed her forehead saying “Grandma will be smiling in heaven”.


This is my entry for Uncharted’s Six Sentence Story – FRAY