2017 · DIY · For Home

Project Kitchen – Painting

Being DIY fanatics,we had this plan of changing the interior wall paint of our kitchen from dark yellow to something brighter. We decided to accomplish this long-waited project, this Saturday!

After 3 hours of taping & 5 hours of painting two coats of paint, our kitchen looks more elegant now!

Materials used:

– Paint brushes

– Rollers

– Plastic sheets

– Paint tray

– Paint: Sherwin Williams – Greek Lane – 1 gallon from Lowe’s

– Painters tape

– Spackling compound – for filling the holes

– Sanding block- for smoothing the walls

– Putty knife


– Purchase the above listed materials from your hardware store. We purchased everything from Lowe’s.

– First, tape the corners and edges of all the door/window frames and electric outlets with painters tape. This process is the hardest part and takes an elaborate amount of time. This took us 3 hours.

– Pour small quantity of paint into the paint tray, dip the roller in this pool of paint and roll on the ridges of the tray, to obtain even quantity of paint.

– Start painting! You can cover large areas with the roller. For smaller areas like corners, edges,use the paint brush.

– After the first coat is completed, allow it to dry completely.

– Apply the second coat of paint. This is the easiest part, as most of the areas will be covered in the first coat.

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